Company Facts
Vision & Strategy

Our vision is to de-fossilize the future adhering to the (IMO) regulation as a significant driver of the maritime industry transformation. Shipping plays a critical role in the global economy, Transporting 90% of world trade. The challenge is that it also accounts for 3% of all greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions, which is set to grow dramatically. To mitigate the environmental impact of shipping, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has adopted a strategy to reduce GHG emissions from shipping by 50% by 2050 compared to 2008 levels.

Our history as maritime people coming from a maritime Nation justifies us and imposes upon us the obligation to continue this course without forgetting the words of Herodotus:

“We have a homeland as long as we have ships and the sea”.

We have operated in the maritime space as a participant over the past three decades as shipowners' charterers and operators in dry bulk wet, and gas sectors; shipping and commerce will remain a vital chord of the survival of the race and the ancillary variable of the global stability. Society will observe the ethical fundamentals of every business as investors will be willing to be part of a universal rite of passage for emerging and established market nations. As the world is undoubtedly entangled in a devastating event, we must sustain offering stability and hope for the next day. Our strategy is to create a path towards decarbonization with the construction and trade of our new vessels with combustion engines that use LNG as a fuel.

The Company's operating philosophy rests on providing safe and efficient transportation solutions, meeting its customer's requirements while protecting the environment and natural resources in which it operates. 

At National Energy Transportation S.A., our goal is only the uncompromised quality standard of excellence. This philosophy has earned the commitment of our employees, the respect of technical experts industry-wide, and the confidence of countless customers.

As a professional manager in all industry sectors, National Energy Transportation S.A. "NET" operates in the dry bulk & wet sectors.

NNET employs only the highest trained professional officers and seafarers.


We are at worldwide economic reassessment. This will be especially deep limiting recovery by continuous anxiety; while human interaction remains dangerous, the business cannot return to normal.

The economic pain will be profound and enduring in every region, and it can take years. When people return to work will be shocked with trouble challenging the recovery. Bankruptcy will weaken the industry depleted of investment and innovation. The financial folly is over.

Apart from infrastructure investment, digital economy, energy disruptive alternatives, food, and medicine, all other industries will have to readjust their business models, redefining their space in the new order of business. The fact is that our Company can indeed navigate in curious times! However, despite public opinion and daily headlines, volatilities are not the death-knells they portray. The economic fluctuation presents a rare opportunity for skillful professionals to increase revenue in the short term and differentiate from their competitors in the longer term. Our operation remains focused and stronger than ever, offering to our contacts (clients) have many choices today: choice of service, transportation products, etc. Their loyalty is determined increasingly by the quality of the experience they receive. National Energy Transportation SA. (Net-Marine) is no less than a high-performance organization with talented management that delivers to the client what they need and expect.

The management is dedicated to identifying transport & logistics opportunities. These opportunities often come with customer demands. The Group professionals optimize the cost and execute the transport contracts so that the customers are satisfied and the Company increases revenues.

N.E.T. is an active participant in the shipping industry since 2003. Similar to structures commonly used by other shipping companies, NET's managed vessels are all owned by, or chartered to, separate companies. The subsidiary, NET Management, comprises maritime executives to support the Company in the implementation of its decisions. NET. Management is responsible for the commercial management of National Energy Transportation's ship-owning subsidiaries, including chartering and insurance. Each vessel managed by the Company is registered under the Bahamas, Liberian, Cyprus, or Panamanian flag. Our business model provides a critical competitive advantage over our existing competitors and provides our shareholders with attractive returns and growth potential.

NET has a strategy of extensive outsourcing. Several independent and competing ship management companies provide ship management, crewing, and accounting services. According to management agreements, each independent ship management company provides operations, ship maintenance, crewing, technical support, shipyard supervision, and other related services. The NET primary strategy is to benchmark operational performance and cost level amongst the company ship managers. Independent ship managers provide crewing for NET-managed vessels. Currently, most vessels are crewed with full Ukrainian crews, while others have full Indian or full Filipino crews or a combination of these nationalities. The management of the accounting services for every ship owning Company that our Company manages is provided by NET'S managers.